The solution is extremely straightforward. To keep your computer safe from harm and to prevent it from being used to spread viruses to other computers without your knowledge.
Many people are hesitant to spend the money on good antivirus software. I’ll admit that a good antivirus programme costs about $50, which isn’t exactly cheap.


But first, let’s take a closer look at the costs: Software –> $500-$5000 Computer –> $600-$4,000 Monitor –> $250-$1000 Monthly Internet Connection –> $25+ Personal/Corporate Data –> Invaluable So, on the low end of the scale, we’re looking at a computer investment that’s comparable to an older used car, and on the high end, we’re looking at a computer investment that’s comparable to a newer used car. Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt you’d buy a used car that had all the locks off, didn’t need a key to start, and also came with a free “STEAL ME” sign.


It’s the same thing if your machine doesn’t have up-to-date antivirus software. You’re just inviting trouble. And trouble WILL track you down. How do I know I’m so certain? Simply because that is what viruses, worms, malware, and other malicious software are designed to do. Their sole purpose is to locate unprotected machines, which they then target and hijack without your knowledge. These machines are extremely efficient at what they were designed to do, and they never fail. If you don’t secure your machine and exchange discs or go online, it will become infected. The best antivirus software packages can be purchased for as little as two months’ worth of internet access. They all come with unrestricted automatic updates that keep your machine safe and secure.

If you can afford a computer that costs $1500 or more, and internet connections that cost $300 or more per year, you can certainly afford another $50 to keep it safe (and prevent it from being used to spread viruses and Trojan horses behind your back). Anything less would be barbarous! P.S. Some people are claiming that if you don’t use antivirus software, you can be held legally liable if your computer is used in a cyberattack (even if you did not know about it).

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